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Pica stroke wiki

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From W3C Wiki. 17.2 pica. Basic concept: A modern pica used by computers is 4.233mm or 0.166"

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"PICA syndrome" redirects here. For the appetite for non-nutritive substances, see Pica (disorder).. Stroke Recovery Medial medullary syndrome

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TIL that craving and chewing ice is called "pica" and may be a sign of anemia. (mayoclinic.com). In light of the 40 degree temperatures sweeping Japan, here are some tips on avoiding heat stroke (x-post /r/japannews) (

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Exposure to lead may also decrease lifespan and have health effects in the long term.[22] Death rates from a variety of causes have been found to be higher in people with elevated blood lead levels; these include cancer, stroke, and.

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00:10 Ýwucánym: pres stroke ve vlastnostech vrstvy. 21:59 Órenym: to jseš fakt taková stará zoufala piča?

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