Homosexuality normal or abnormal


Homosexuality normal or abnormal

JONAH, Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality

1) In a normal relationship the results that follow bring forth children and create a new generation, which goes on to bring future generations, to the end of time. The abnormal trait brings no positive results and no offspring.

HOMOSEXUALITY: Changeable? Normal? Moral?

Is homosexuality changeable or unchangeable, normal or abnormal, moral or immoral?

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"Nature" intended or did not intend homosexuality any more or less than albinism, right-hand dominance, autism, or any number of other traits.

Normal abnormal sexual behaviour

Sexual education about normal abnormal sexual behaviour

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“Whether we are aware of it or not, each of us is endowed with a streak fo homosexuality. Psychologists have long agreed that this latent homosexuality could become overt as the result of as little as one exposure to a.

Homosexuality - Crime, Sin, Mental Illness, Inborn Abnormality

Explanation of homosexuality from prime principles. Before dealing with these answers, we need to establish clearly what human behaviour or condition we mean, when we talk about homosexuality .


A plea for a systems approach in abnormal psychology ? (1985). Dva typy obrazu homosexuality u mužů [Two types of picture of homosexuality in men] with K.Freund, K. Nedoma in Čs Psychiat 1961;57:230–231

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. unfair and unjust. Homosexuality is statistically abnormal, but, like left-handedness, it is a normal abnormality. As a proclivity it is either inborn, or at any rate acquired so early in life that the agent has no say in its acquisition.

Teaching Clinical Psychology - Attitudes about Homosexuality

An in-class exercise for Abnormal Psychology in which students explore their attitudes about homosexuality.

How a ‘gay rights’ leader became straight

Homosexuality took almost 16 years of my life and compromised them with one lie or another, perpetuated through national media targeted at children. In European countries, homosexuality is considered so normal that grade-school.